Collection: King’s Birthday 2024 Selection

This week’s collection offers invaluable resources on:

·       Spiritual growth and personal development

·       Effective preaching

·       The significance of Jesus’s resurrection

·       Overcoming perfectionism

·       Fostering deep reading habits

·       Engaging in brave communication

·       Supporting mental health

·       Rediscovering John Wesley’s teachings

·       Healing through forgiveness, and

·       Navigating midlife transformation.


Here are the books:

  1. How to Preach: Times, Seasons, Texts, and Contexts by Samuel Wells

  2. Resurrection and Renewal: Jesus and the Transformation of Creation by Murray A. Rae

  3. The Perfect Place by Matt de la Peña; Illustrated by Paola Escobar

  4. Deep Reading: Practices to Subvert the Vices of Our Distracted, Hostile, and Consumeristic Age by Rachel B. Griffis, Julie Ooms, Rachel M. De Smith Roberts

  5. The Third Perspective: Brave Expression in the Age of Intolerance by Africa Brook

  6. Finding Jesus in the Storm: The Spiritual Lives of Christians with Mental Health Challenges by John Swinton

  7. The John Wesley Code: Finding a Faith That Matters by James Stuart

  8. Forgiveness After Trauma: A Path to Find Healing and Empowerment by Susannah Griffith
  9. The Way Home: Discovering the Hero’s Journey to Wholeness at Midlife by Ben Katt


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