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St. Martin’s Essentials

The Way Home - Print

The Way Home - Print

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The Way Home: Discovering the Hero’s Journey to Wholeness at Midlife

By Ben Katt

Soft cover 288pp
1.8cm H x 20.8cm L x 13.6cm W (0.25 kgs)
ISBN 9781250910448
St. Martin’s Essentials (2024)

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Katt provides a transformative guide for individuals navigating the profound transitions and challenges of midlife. Drawing on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey framework, Katt offers a ten-step program designed to help readers move beyond society’s expectations and personal limitations to discover true fulfilment and wholeness.

Katt begins by acknowledging the unique struggles that come with midlife, including feelings of stagnation, unfulfilled potential, and the quest for deeper meaning. He emphasizes that midlife can be a time of significant personal growth and transformation if approached with intention and openness. The Hero’s Journey, with its stages of departure, initiation, and return, serves as a powerful metaphor for this transformative process.

Each chapter of the book corresponds to a specific stage of the Hero’s Journey, offering practical guidance, personal anecdotes, and spiritual wisdom to support readers on their path. Katt’s writing is engaging and accessible, blending his own experiences with insights from mythology, psychology, and spirituality. He encourages readers to embrace the challenges and uncertainties of midlife as opportunities for self-discovery and renewal.

Central to Katt’s approach is the importance of rituals such as solitude, dreamwork, fasting, and meditation. These practices are presented as essential tools for reconnecting with one’s authentic self and navigating the inner landscape of midlife. Katt provides detailed instructions and reflections on how to integrate these rituals into daily life, making them accessible and relevant to contemporary readers.

The Way Home is not just a guide to personal transformation but also a call to community and connection. Katt emphasizes the role of supportive relationships and shared experiences in the journey to wholeness. He encourages readers to seek out and build communities that nurture and sustain their growth.

Endorsed by influential figures such as Krista Tippett and Kaitlin B. Curtice, The Way Home is celebrated for its depth, clarity, and transformative potential. It is a powerful resource for anyone feeling lost or seeking deeper meaning in the second half of life.

Katt’s insights offer a beacon of hope and guidance, encouraging readers to embrace their vulnerabilities and embark on a journey of self-renewal.

This book is a must-read for those striving to find their way back to themselves and make a meaningful impact on the world.

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