Collection: Grief - Loss - Dying - Ministry Four-book Sets

These books by New Zealand authors are for people suffering loss, grieving or dying, and those who minister to and support them.

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The Grief Walk
For people who are grieving, for people who want to support them as they undertake the painful journey of grief, and for anyone who wants to reflect on their own experiences of loss.

The Art of Dying Well 

[20 in stock, 28 September 2023]

Will help you face your own death with courage and faith. Some simple things can help ease your mind and bring peace to your heart.

Much of the book is written in the first-person singular to help you personalise your reflections.

Moving On
Any ending of a ministry involves a unique and complex mix of grief for all involved. The pastoral relationship ends, and all that it was must be reworked and re-storied as it moves from present reality into memory.

Moving On is full of good advice and personal stories about a wide range of ministry transitions. Ministers and lay church leadership teams will find in this book practical guidance to help them work through ministry changes with honesty and good grace.

Earthed in Hope

[20 in stock, 28 September 2023]

Will enrich the funeral ministry both of those in the Anglican tradition and also those from other Churches. It is a valuable resource for funeral celebrants, counsellors and anyone supporting the bereaved and dying.

Alister Hendery reflects on and responds to spiritual, theological, liturgical, pastoral and cultural questions, and offers practical suggestions and insights that will be helpful to those involved in taking funerals and caring for the bereaved and the dying.

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