Worship Outside the Box – Introduction

A weekly blog of Ideas for Leading Creative Worship

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 About the Blog

For me, creativity is the key to leading satisfying, effective services.

I’m a Methodist Lay Preacher. Our denomination does not have a set liturgy that worship leaders must follow for ordinary services, so I have a lot of freedom to design the content of services I lead.

Other churches will have approved liturgy, such as the Anglican church’s A New Zealand Prayerbook, from which worship leaders make selections.

Even if the rest of the service follows a standard format, The Children’s Talk / Story time; our Sermon / Reflection / Homily and our choice of hymns, songs and music offer worship leaders opportunities to be creative and try something new.

Each Tuesday night in Worship Outside the Box I will share an idea for a creative worship activity. I’ll include links to free online resources and, where appropriate, recommend related books and digital titles that you can order from us.

January 2023

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