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The Perfect Place - Print

The Perfect Place - Print

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The Perfect Place

By Matt de la Peña; Paola Escobar (Illustrator)

Hard cover 32pp.
1.3cm H x 28.5cm L x 22.6cm W (0.41 kgs)
ISBN 9780593325636
Putnam (2024)

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 This captivating picture book that beautifully addresses themes of perfectionism, family, and self-worth through the eyes of a young boy named Lucas. This touching narrative is brought to life by de la Peña’s evocative storytelling and Escobar’s vibrant illustrations, making it a memorable read for children and adults alike.

Lucas lives in an immaculate neighbourhood and attends a prestigious school, but his home life is far from perfect. His father’s work truck often breaks down, and their house sometimes lacks electricity. Despite these challenges, Lucas strives for perfection in his schoolwork, hoping that his achievements will compensate for the imperfections at home. However, this quest for perfection leaves him feeling increasingly pressured and disconnected.

One night, Lucas dreams of a perfect place, a world where everything is flawless. As he navigates this dream world, he meets characters and situations that initially seem ideal but gradually reveal underlying flaws. Through this journey, Lucas learns a profound lesson: true perfection isn’t about flawless appearances, but about the love and resilience that thrive even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

The Perfect Place is more than just a story; it is a powerful exploration of how children perceive and cope with their surroundings. De la Peña’s narrative is deeply empathetic, capturing the emotional landscape of a child dealing with societal expectations and personal struggles. Escobar’s illustrations complement the story perfectly, with rich, detailed artwork that captures the contrasts between Lucas’s dream world and his real life.

An excellent resource for parents and educators looking to discuss themes of resilience, self-acceptance, and the true meaning of perfection with children.

The Perfect Place encourages readers to find beauty in their unique experiences and to appreciate the imperfections that make their lives meaningful.

It’s a heart-warming tale that reminds us all that the perfect place is often right where we are, surrounded by those we love.

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