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Resurrection and Renewal - Print

Resurrection and Renewal - Print

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Resurrection and Renewal: Jesus and the Transformation of Creation

By Murray A. Rae

Soft cover 194pp.
1.8cm H x 22.6cm L x 15.0cm W (0.29 kgs)
ISBN 9781540966209
Baker Academic (2024)

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This is a profound theological work that explores the resurrection of Jesus Christ as a pivotal event that redefines the entirety of Christian faith and life. Rae, a distinguished theologian and NZ Presbyterian minister, takes readers on a journey through the biblical narratives, theological traditions, and contemporary implications of the resurrection.

Unlike many works that focus on defending the resurrection as a historical event, Rae assumes its took place and delves into its theological significance. He meticulously examines the resurrection narratives in the Gospels, the promises of renewal in the Old Testament, and the transformative experiences of the apostle Paul. Rae argues that the resurrection is not merely an event in history but a divine act that inaugurates a new creation, reshaping our understanding of salvation, ecclesiology, and eschatology.

Rae’s exploration is thorough and accessible, making complex theological concepts understandable without oversimplifying them. He discusses how the resurrection provides a foundation for Christian hope, ethics, and mission, urging believers to live in the transformative power of the risen Christ. Rae also addresses the implications for creation itself, proposing that the resurrection signals the beginning of the renewal of all things.

Endorsed by leading theologians, Resurrection and Renewal is praised for its depth, clarity, and ability to inspire. Rae’s writing is both scholarly and pastoral, making this book suitable for theologians, clergy, and laypeople alike.

Rae challenges readers to rethink the centrality of the resurrection in their faith and encourages a life of renewed purpose and hope.

Resurrection and Renewal is a timely and significant contribution to contemporary theology. Rae’s insights offer a fresh perspective on the resurrection that is deeply rooted in scripture and tradition, yet forward-looking in its implications for the church and the world.

This book is essential reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the resurrection and its transformative power in the Christian life.

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