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Deep Reading - Print

Deep Reading - Print

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Deep Reading: Practices to Subvert the Vices of Our Distracted, Hostile, and Consumeristic Age

By Rachel B. Griffis; Julie Ooms; Rachel M. De Smith Roberts

Soft cover 230pp
1.8cm H x 22.6cm L x 15.2cm W (0.36 kgs)
ISBN 9781540966957
Baker Academic (2024)

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This transformative guide reclaims the lost art of reading in our fast-paced, fragmented world. This book draws on the work of philosopher James K. A. Smith and offers a robust framework for developing reading habits that foster deep intellectual and spiritual growth.

The authors start by diagnosing the pervasive issues of distraction, hostility, and consumerism that characterize contemporary culture. They argue that these vices have infiltrated even our reading practices, leading to superficial engagement with texts and diminished capacity for critical thinking and empathy.

Deep Reading counters these trends by proposing a set of intentional, reflective reading practices designed to cultivate virtues and counteract cultural vices.

Each chapter addresses a specific aspect of reading, from choosing texts that challenge and enrich us to creating environments conducive to focused reading. The authors provide practical exercises and strategies for developing habits of deep reading, emphasizing the importance of slow, deliberate engagement with texts. They also explore how deep reading can be a communal practice, fostering connections and conversations that build understanding and empathy.

The book is rich with creative examples and anecdotes, illustrating how deep reading has transformed individuals and communities. The authors’ interdisciplinary approach, blending insights from theology, literature, and philosophy, makes this a compelling read for a broad audience.

Whether you are an educator, a student, or an avid reader, Deep Reading offers valuable tools for enhancing your reading life.

Deep Reading is more than just a guide; it is a manifesto for reclaiming the transformative power of reading. By encouraging readers to engage deeply with texts, the authors advocate for a more thoughtful, intentional approach to life and learning.

This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to resist the superficiality of modern culture and to cultivate a more reflective and meaningful engagement with the world.


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