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Canterbury Press

How to Preach - Print

How to Preach - Print

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How to Preach: Times, Seasons, Texts and Contexts

By Samuel Wells

Soft cover 320pp.
1.9cm H x 23.4cm L x 15.6cm W (0.52 kgs).
ISBN 9781786225214.
Canterbury Press (2023).

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Acclaimed theologian and preacher Samuel Wells provides a masterful guide to the intricate and impactful craft of preaching.

This book transcends typical homiletic manuals by embracing a holistic approach that incorporates cultural awareness, liturgical significance, scriptural depth, and contextual relevance. Wells structures the book into four main sections: "Times," "Seasons," "Texts," and "Contexts," each offering a unique lens through which to view and deliver sermons.

In the "Times" section, Wells addresses how preachers can engage with contemporary cultural phenomena, providing insights on connecting timeless gospel truths with present-day issues.

The "Seasons" section delves into the rhythms of the liturgical calendar, offering strategies for preaching during key Christian festivals and periods such as Advent, Lent, and Easter.

By focusing on "Texts," Wells guides readers through the complexities of various biblical genres, helping preachers to bring the scriptures to life in vivid and relevant ways.

The "Contexts" section provides practical advice on addressing specific life events, from weddings and funerals to baptisms and confirmations.

Each chapter is enriched with reflections that ground Wells’ practical advice in theological and pastoral wisdom. The inclusion of real sermons, complete with contextual commentary, allows readers to see theory put into practice. Wells’ prose is engaging and accessible, peppered with humour and real-life examples that make his advice resonate.

How to Preach is not just a manual for those starting out in ministry but also a valuable resource for seasoned preachers looking to refine their approach. Wells’ deep respect for the transformative power of preaching is evident throughout, making this book an inspiring read that underscores the profound impact a well-delivered sermon can have on individuals and communities.

This comprehensive guide, rooted in Wells’ extensive experience and theological insight, is a must-have for anyone dedicated to the sacred task of preaching.

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