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Forgiveness After Trauma - Print

Forgiveness After Trauma - Print

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Forgiveness After Trauma: A Path to Find Healing and Empowerment

By Susannah Griffith

Soft cover 208pp
1.8cm H x 21.4cm L x 13.8cm W (0.23 kgs) 
ISBN 9781587435973
Brazos Press (2024)

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Forgiveness After Trauma is a ground-breaking exploration of forgiveness, particularly tailored for survivors of abuse and trauma.

Griffith, drawing on her extensive experience as a minister, biblical scholar, and survivor, offers a compassionate and empowering approach to understanding and practicing forgiveness in the aftermath of profound hurt.

Griffith begins by acknowledging the complex and often painful journey that survivors of abuse face when considering forgiveness. She challenges the traditional teachings that can sometimes pressure victims into premature or superficial acts of forgiveness that do not account for the depth of their trauma. Instead, she introduces the concept of "trauma-informed forgiveness," which prioritizes the healing and empowerment of survivors.

Through careful biblical analysis and theological reflection, Griffith reframes forgiveness as a multifaceted process that includes lament, anger, accountability, and, when possible, reconciliation. She draws on numerous biblical texts and stories, offering fresh interpretations that resonate with the experiences of trauma survivors. Griffith’s approach is deeply empathetic, recognizing the need for survivors to process their pain and anger as legitimate and necessary steps toward healing.

The book is rich with personal stories and case studies, illustrating the diverse ways in which survivors navigate the journey of forgiveness. Griffith shares her own experiences, providing a deeply personal and authentic perspective that adds depth and credibility to her insights. Her writing is both scholarly and accessible, making complex theological concepts understandable and relevant to a wide audience.

Griffith also includes practical exercises and reflections designed to help survivors engage with the process of forgiveness at their own pace. Griffith emphasizes that forgiveness is not a one-time event but a dynamic and ongoing journey that must be approached with care and self-compassion. She provides tools and strategies for integrating forgiveness into the broader context of personal healing and empowerment.

This book is a vital resource for survivors of abuse, their supporters, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of forgiveness in the context of trauma. It is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative potential of true, trauma-informed forgiveness.

Forgiveness After Trauma is essential reading for anyone committed to justice, healing, and the empowerment of survivors.

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