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The People Called Metodista - Print

The People Called Metodista - Print

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The People Called Metodista: Renewing Doctrine, Worship, and Mission from the Margins.

By Edgardo Colón-Emeric.

Pbk 336pp. ISBN 9781791024000.
Abingdon Press (2022).
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What can we learn from Methodists in Latin America?

“Church renewal” is widely discussed across Methodism today, and yet such renewal will not happen apart from serious engagement with and from the margins of society. Through a series of new and previously published essays, this book looks to the experiences of Methodists in Latin American pueblos and Hispanic barrios to open new scholarly conversations about doctrine, worship, and mission for the sake of social renewal.

The flames of renewal do not confine themselves to Methodism. But from the people called metodista they can spread, sharing in the Wesleyan movement’s fundamental calling to revitalize the church universal in its mission to the world.

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