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Herald Press

Stuck Together - Print

Stuck Together - Print

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Stuck Together: The Hope of Christian Witness in a Polarized World

By J. Nelson Kraybill

Soft cover, 240pp
ISBN 9781513810645
Herald Press (2023) 

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What does it mean to be a peacemaker in a polarized world?

It can feel as if the world - and the church - has never been more polarized. But when we feel worn down by the chasms dividing us, we can take hope from the early Christian vision of God uniting all things in Christ, a hope that can lead us to act. Stuck Together explores Bible stories and narratives ancient and modern that inspire us to open hearts and minds to persons with whom we disagree as we gain confidence in our own convictions.

Drawing from Scripture, from his own life journey, and from the witness of others, Kraybill demonstrates how even small steps of reconciliation by confessionally grounded Christians can have big effect and give loving Christian witness in a polarized church and society.

Review Quotes:

"With much grace, humility, and presence, Stuck Together challenges the local church to engage the contentious issues of our time. Using careful scholarship and drawing from deep experience, J. Nelson Kraybill leads us to consider the demands of our life together in Christ for the world. A fresh, timely, wonderfully rich book for those seeking to be Christ's justice amid a broken, violent world."
DAVID FITCH, B. R. Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary

"Stuck Together is peppered with insights, anecdotes, and biblical reflections, inviting patience, curiosity, and grace from those on all sides of polarized conversations to regard one another as partners in dialogue rather than as opponents in arms. This book will be a welcome conversation starter for church groups wrestling with what it means to be in communion with those with whom one disagrees."
BETTY PRIES, cofounder and CEO of Credence and author of The Space Between Us: Conversations about Transforming Conflict

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