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Pilgrim Press

Remove the Pews - Print

Remove the Pews - Print

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Remove the Pews: Spiritual Possibilities for Sacred Spaces.

By Donna Schaper.

Soft cover 150pp.
ISBN 9780829821109.
Pilgrim Press (2021)

[1 copy arriving late-Feb 2024.
Allow 4 weeks for delivery when it has sold].

Schaper challenges the conventional use of church buildings and paves the way for a fresh perspective on congregational renewal. In a time of rapid change, Schaper takes a holistic approach to the question of who the Church is today and how it can redefine its spaces to align with past identities and future aspirations.

This insightful book serves as a rallying call for tired and confined churches, urging them to break free from traditional constraints. Pastor Schaper not only makes a compelling case for architectural change but also embarks on a journey through the diverse landscapes of ministry possibilities.

Schaper's anecdotes and practical suggestions demonstrate how church buildings can become vibrant hubs for diverse activities, from hosting local dance troupes to providing sanctuary for undocumented persons. "Remove the Pews" envisions a church that is not bound by traditional limitations but one that embraces the limitless possibilities of spiritual revival and community engagement.

 Reviewer Patrick Duggan applauds Schaper for opening our eyes to new possibilities and enduring truths. The book challenges existing perspectives on congregational renewal while emphasizing the value of diverse viewpoints.

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