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Pilgrim Press

Only Work Sundays - Print

Only Work Sundays - Print

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Only Work Sundays: A Laid-Back Guide to Doing Less While Helping Your Church Thrive.

By Liz Miller.

Soft cover 160pp.
ISBN 9780829800272. 
Pilgrim Press (2023).

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As a seasoned seminary graduate, Miller understands the pressure-cooker environment of ministry training, with its heavy course loads, looming deadlines, and demanding internships. In this insightful guide, she advocates for breaking free from the cycle of overworking that clergy and ministry face when trying to go "above and beyond" to stay relevant.

Only Work Sundays isn't just about working smarter; it's a spiritual journey toward embracing laziness as a gift. Miller's warm, humorous, and practical approach resonates throughout the book, offering a much-needed antidote to burnout, depression, and the fatigue experienced by many pastors and lay leaders.

Miller challenges the conventional wisdom that busyness equates to success in ministry. Drawing inspiration from the often overlooked wisdom of laziness, Miller presents a refreshing perspective on self-regulation, resisting over-functioning, and embracing sustainability. Inspired by Psalm 127, which questions the value of anxious toil, the book invites readers to reconsider the societal stigma attached to laziness.

Through personal anecdotes and relatable insights, Miller encourages readers to surrender ego, shame, false pride, fear, and resentment – barriers that stop churches from becoming healthy, relaxed communities where work and play are shared experiences.

Molly Baskette, author of How to Begin When Your World Is Ending praises Miller's book as a beacon for those seeking relief from the pressures of modern ministry.

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