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Living Culture, Living Christ - Print

Living Culture, Living Christ - Print

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Living Culture, Living Christ: On Becoming Fully Human

Alan M. Suggate

Paperback, 198pp
ISBN 9781789592436
Sacristy Press (2022)
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This book is for anyone concerned with our cultural predicament and the quest for a vision and stance which can inspire a more healthy and flourishing common cultural life and a credible interweaving of worship, faith and action in the world.

Suggate addresses the widespread dismay and perplexity over our divided culture and searches for firmer foundations. He retrieves from the danger of oblivion a radically different basis for culture.

It is humanistic, giving primacy to persons as rooted in their physical and social nature. It defends them against the vast digital and sex markets, and seeks the healing of relations between women, men and children. Globally it dissects English exceptionalism, seen over Brexit, and our imperial role and legacy, especially over black people. It presents a spectrum of cultural practices, scientific, social and artistic, where intellect and emotion combine in personal commitment, imagination and creativity. For in real life fact and value are always interwoven.

Suggate searches for forms of Christianity which best ground this culture and proposes an integralist understanding of the Christian faith, which is modern, but rooted in the undivided Church of the first five centuries: the world is always held within God’s grace and centred on Christ, which gives it cultural dynamism. Christianity is a practice which embraces worship, reflection and action in the world.

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