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L3 - Liturgy Learning (Purposeful) Life: Annual Subscription - Digital

L3 - Liturgy Learning (Purposeful) Life: Annual Subscription - Digital

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L3 - Liturgy Learning (Purposeful) Life:
Annual Subscription - Digital

A4 PDF and Word files
4 issues per year:

  • Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
  • Lent, Easter
  • Pentecost 1
  • Season of Creation, Pentecost 2

Your subscription will start with Pentecost 2 2024

When you have completed your purchase you will be given a link to download a zip file containing the PDF and Word files for the current issue of L3.

The subsequent 3 issues of your subscription will be emailed to you as they become available.

Click here for sample material for:
Two Sundays in Pentecost 1 2024


L3 - Liturgy Learning (Purposeful) Life is a creative and innovative intergenerational, Revised Common Lectionary worship resource that embraces the breadth of ways we worship, learn and live. It will support your ministry and nurture faith in all those hearing the word of God through the resource.

Liturgy, Learning, and (Purposeful) Life offers flexibility so worship leaders can feel encouraged and supported in their leadership as they create gatherings that enliven and deepen the worshipping practices with their community.

L3 gathers writers and practitioners across the diversity of the body of Christ who seek to work collaboratively, drawing on the breadth of their experiences across both lay and ordained backgrounds. L3 writers are passionately engaged in providing for the faith formation of individuals and the gathered communities they belong to and share their creative gifts and worship ideas to encourage faith and leadership.

L3 is designed for:

  • Lay worship and preaching teams, and clergy
  • Congregations seeking an intergenerational approach for worship
  • Congregations that seek to connect in varied ways to meet in the ever-changing rhythms of our lives
  • Congregations seeking support for growing faith and discipleship.

L3 provides:

  • Practical planning with an introduction to the season and support articles
  • Worship outlines
  • Sermon seeds, discussion and reflection ideas for personal reflection and group study
  • Embodied practice ideas to engage more fully through sensory experiences and stimuli
  • Text files for copying, adapting, adding bulletin or slides for projection. 

Each week includes:

  • Liturgical date and list of lections
  • Theme focus – an invitation into the theme from a current-day experience and points to serving in the world
  • Setting – with ideas for setting your space and items/materials needed for the week.
  • Worship outline with the following components: 

Call to worship

Acknowledgement of Country

Opening Prayer

Music suggestions

Prayer of confession

Words of Grace

Intergenerational Conversation

Word for the Day

Sermon seeds, youth or adult studies, personal reflection

Ideas for reflection

Prayers for others


Sending out

Embodied Practice

Embodied practice is an opportunity to engage more fully with the readings through a range of sensory experiences and stimuli. It acknowledges the diversity with which we experience the world and how we take in new information. Embodied practice is for all to enter into the text in a new way with an openness to what new understanding might be received regardless of age. 

Note: The embodied practice material can be used in an all-age worship service or for separate Sunday School / Children's Ministry activities.

Each quarter includes:

  • A welcome to the season that introduces the theme, mood, movement and colour of the season
  • Overview of the season with weekly lections, title, and focus
  • Preparation notes for the seasons
  • Meet the writers introduces you to the writers and the development team for the season, as they share their creative gifts and ideas to encourage faith and leadership.

You can use these resources by copying and adding the material to bulletins, newsletters, your website, email etc. The materials provide opportunities throughout a season to assist in planning.

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If you prefer, we are happy to email you an invoice for L3 which you can pay by online banking. Email us at:

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