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Jesus Sophia - Print

Jesus Sophia - Print

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Jesus Sophia: Returning to Woman Wisdom in the Bible, Practice, and Prayer.

By Sally Douglas.

Soft cover
ISBN 9781666735796.
Cascade (2023).
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Douglas excavates biblical and early Christian understandings of Jesus as the female divine. Drawing from her expertise as a New Testament scholar and theologian, she accessibly sets out the evidence for Jesus Sophia and then explores its practical implications, both for the church – often suffocated by God-as-male imagery – and for our day-to-day lives.

Questions about discipleship, biblical interpretation, and theology are investigated in relation to Jesus Sophia’s hospitality, friendship, anger, non-retaliation, and care for all things. In this process understandings of the cross are revisited, female imagery for God is reclaimed and celebrated, fresh and ancient practices of faith are offered, and inclusive, exquisite liturgies are shared. With dynamism, humour, faithfulness, and creativity, Douglas encourages, unsettles, and supports readers, as they discover Jesus Sophia for themselves.

“I was comforted, unsettled, challenged, and sustained by this beautifully written and well-researched book. I was drawn into prayer, reflected on how Jesus as Woman Wisdom guides how I live, and found myself reaching for my Bible to read it with new eyes. This book will nourish the curious and committed alike, inviting all to gather at the table of Jesus the meal-maker and find life.” Sharon Hollis, president, Uniting Church in Australia

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