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Ave Maria Press

Jesus, Guide of My Life - Print

Jesus, Guide of My Life - Print

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Jesus, Guide of My Life: Reflections for the Lenten Journey.

Joyce Rupp.

Soft cover.128pp
ISBN 9781646802852
Ave Maria Press (2023)

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Joyce Rupp takes us by the hand this Lent to explore the words and actions of Jesus in the gospels so that his teachings and living presence can inspire our spiritual transformation.

For each of the forty days of Lent, Rupp offers a brief reflection that opens new dimensions of a gospel account of Jesus’s ministry and applies his guidance to our lives today. She also includes a prayer and daily intention that invites us to spiritual growth and to reach fuller depths in our faith. Questions for personal reflection or group discussion are included.

In this third instalment in her trilogy of Lenten daily reflection books, Rupp offers her insight and personal experience of the power of the Gospel to shape our lives. She explains that the wisdom and reassurance of Jesus can “pilot us when we are caught in the stormy weather of grief and serve as guardrails when our minds travel on roads made of worry and self-deprecation.” Rupp will help us connect with Jesus as not only a teacher, healer, and counsellor who sets direction for our lives, but also as “the Way” (John 14:6) in whom we abide in divine love.

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