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Apocryphile Press

Jesus and Paul Woven Together - Print Book

Jesus and Paul Woven Together - Print Book

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Jesus and Paul Woven Together

By Rick Fabian

Soft cover 254pp.
ISBN 9781958061343.
Apocryphile Press (2023).

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Want to meet the two great Christian founders who never met each other?

Jesus’ words and Paul’s words have changed millions of lives, and will change yours. The Bible records their teachings separately, so we must join them afresh as one. This book will open your ears and your heart to their shared work.

Both teachers challenged commonplace religious talk, and launched faith communities that spread worldwide. The Roman state executed both: here you will discover why. Jesus spoke up for the truth, confronting illusions. Paul chained ancient values together, transforming our spiritual path.

All the threads you knot together here will colour your vision when you next read the Bible. You will create a lively personal connection with these teachers and will find it easy to talk about your insights with thoughtful people anywhere.

Rick Fabian, an Episcopal priest, founded St Gregory Nyssen Church at San Francisco, and for 38 years made the teachings of Jesus and Paul its thinking core.

This book brings that central core to you, too, in a way that thinking Christians can put to use, and thinking non-Christians can welcome. These down-to-earth teachers enrich everyone, of whatever faith. Just seize and read a copy.

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