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How Starling Got His Speckles - Print

How Starling Got His Speckles - Print

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How Starling Got His Speckles

By Keely Parrack; Antonio Boffa (Illustrator)

Soft cover 32pp
0.3cm H x 27.1cms L x 21.8cm W (0.18 kgs)
ISBN 9798888590676
Barefoot Books (2024)

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In this thrilling original fable, a young starling learns the value of community when a hawk comes hunting.

Star the starling wants to sing all by himself so that everyone will look at his beautiful feathers … but when a hawk comes hunting, Star discovers that there’s more strength and power in community than in being alone.

Star learns why starlings flock in murmurations and why their wings have speckles. This book will draw readers in again and again.


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