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Sacristy Press

Go…Make Disciples - Print

Go…Make Disciples - Print

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Go… Make Disciples (Revised 2nd ed.)

By John Marsh

Soft cover, 251pp
ISBN 9781789593433
Sacristy Press (2024)

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The Church’s mission task is more crucial than ever today. Jesus not only challenges us to go and do it, but he has modelled it for his followers then and now. At the end of John’s Gospel, his challenge is: “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”

Christians need to engage in mission as Jesus did: intimately related to the Father God, motivated by love, engaging with the world, seeking to save and heal people in need, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God, with servant hearts, in partnership with others, and drawing on all the resources of the Holy Spirit to equip us and empower us.

John Marsh writes from his extensive and varied experience of mission, learning from Jesus, the master-missioner, and seeking to apply these principles to the contemporary situation, for all who want to respond to Jesus’ challenge to “Go and make disciples.”

“This is a book rich in biblical wisdom, insights, deep encouragement, and practical outworkings. John Marsh assembles so much of what he learnt about making disciples in his long Christian ministry and offers it to us in accessible and moving narrative.
I love the way he grounds his teaching utterly in the person of Jesus, and his relationships with the Father, his followers and us. John’s writing also taps strongly into the empowering of the Holy Spirit and the holism of the Gospel; he gives us confidence to reach out to our own needy generation, knowing that we can always draw on God’s strength in our weakness.” Elaine Storkey, theologian
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