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Carpark Parables: 8 print book set

Carpark Parables: 8 print book set

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Carpark Parables 8 print book set

Text: Paul Clark
Illustrations: Graham Preston

Published by Wombat Books, Australia

32pp each. 15.5cm x 15.5cm

Small, full colour, soft cover books that introduce parables to young children aged 3-6 years.

We are offering these as an 8 book set only.

[1 set in stock 2 July 2024]

Old Mr T

The cars at the little church are wondering what is going on inside… why do the people all come to worship? Old Mr T knows.

In the first story of the series, Old Mr T shares the stories of the Bible in a way that the cars can understand.

What Would Jesus Drive?

It is Palm Sunday in the Church Car Park and Jesus is riding into Jerusalem. The only problem is deciding what Jesus would have driven into Jerusalem if there had been cars in his time. Was it a motorbike because Jesus was a rebel? Was it a truck so he could stand on the back and teach the crowd? Was it a bus because he was a man of the people and he could have brought his friends along? Find out what the cars think! Part of the Australian Car Park Parables series.

Follow Me

Old Mr T starts his engine and leaves the church abruptly calling, 'follow me!' just when worship was about to begin! Come with Old Mr T on an adventure of discovery and wonder as he shows the cars what Jesus meant when he said 'follow me.'

The Missing Motorcycle

Muscles the motorcycle is missing. He hasn't been at church for a couple of weeks. Should the cars be worried about him? After Old Mr T tells the story of the lost car they head out in search of him.

The Prodigal Ute

While the people hear Jesus' story of the prodigal son, the cars in the car park have a different story. When the prodigal ute ends up in the city broken and in the rain after driving too fast, he dreams of forgiveness and his home.

The Strange Car

Nobody likes the tax collector, or the parking inspector! But when Jesus came to town he shows that he came to save everyone!

The Good Wagon

Old Mr T tells the car's version of the Good Samaritan: a helpful wagon rescues a troubled four-wheel drive. Learn with the cars how it is good to help your neighbour, or car, in times of need

Issi's Baptism

When Lucy brings someone to church for a baptism, Impossible Issi laughs at the idea. But when his day goes all wrong, even Issi is looking for a fresh start. A great book for kids to introduce them to Baptism, or a gift for those being Baptised.


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