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Thomas Nelson

Why Everything That Doesn’t Matter, Matters So Much - Print

Why Everything That Doesn’t Matter, Matters So Much - Print

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Why Everything That Doesn’t Matter, Matters So Much: The Way of Love in a World of Hurt.

By Andi Ashworth; Charlie Peacock

Soft cover. 256pp.
ISBN 9781400337644.
Thomas Nelson (2024)

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Do you feel powerless and overwhelmed by the pain and suffering all around you?

Have you ever asked, “What can I do to mend the world, my family, or my own life?”

And if I could, why bother? Does my own small part even matter?

If so, here comes hope from two guides who are further down the road.

Ashworth and Peacock have written a collection of letters to Christians and spiritual seekers who think deeply and care acutely about the state of the world and their personal spheres of influence.

They offer you:

  • Thought-provoking explorations into the many facets of Christian culture care and making, from the kitchen to Carnegie Hall.
  • Practical guidance for how to care for and improve the quality of human life, locally and globally, no matter your vocation.
  • A theology of imagination and creativity that provides a framework for all of life.
  • A model for expressing love in marriage, friendship, citizenship, and every kind of work--even in the midst of cynicism, fear, exhaustion, and oppression.

It might be said of Christians that our lives are either moving in the direction of the redemption Jesus has on offer, or away from it. Each of these letters is a gentle nudge in the direction of God’s powerfully ordinary purpose for each of us, no matter what the future holds, to participate fully in the beautiful, redemptive work of Christ.

A hopeful and practical model for what it means to be a Christian and a culture-maker in a world of hurt and wondrous possibility.


Powerlessness and Overwhelm, Pain and Suffering, Mending the World, Personal Transformation, Hopeful Perspective, Guides on the faith Journey, Christian Culture Care, Quality of Human Life, Theology of Imagination, Expressing Love, Redemption, Participation in Redemption, Future Hope, Beautiful Work of Christ, April 2024 Selection

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