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Sacristy Press

What Christ? Whose Christ? - Print

What Christ? Whose Christ? - Print

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What Christ? Whose Christ?: New Options for Old Theories


Edited By Alan Race; Jonathan Clatworthy


Soft cover, 200pp
ISBN 9781789593402

Sacristy Press (2024)


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Explore diverse and critical perspectives on Jesus of Nazareth.


This compelling collection of essays delves into how Christology can address modern challenges, drawing from research on the historical Jesus, differing cultural contexts, feminism, post-colonialism, and interfaith theology.


Christology is no longer confined to ancient doctrines. Instead, this book responds to critical demands from various disciplines, offering fresh interpretations of Jesus’s impact and significance. It includes perspectives on:


  • The historical Jesus and his relevance today
  • Feminist viewpoints on Christology
  • Post-colonial and racial studies
  • Interfaith dialogues, including Hindu and Buddhist interpretations of Jesus


Each essay underscores the full humanity of Jesus and explores how he can be understood and received in new ways.


Whether you’re a theologian, student, or simply curious about contemporary Christian thought, this book provides valuable insights into how Jesus can mediate divine presence in our times.


Join renowned scholars as they tackle pressing questions and offer innovative viewpoints. What Christ? Whose Christ? is essential for anyone seeking to understand the evolving landscape of Christology and its implications for today’s world.

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