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Walking with the Spiritual but not Religious - Print

Walking with the Spiritual but not Religious - Print

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Walking with the Spiritual but not Religious

By Catherine A. Stafford; Gil W. Stafford

Soft cover 272pp.
ISBN 9781958061091.
Apocryphile Press (2022)
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How can people who are not religious walk their spiritual pilgrimage? Can you be their companion?

Here is a fresh look at being a spiritual companion for those who self-identify as something other than religious: Spiritual But Not Religious, Nones, not religious, agnostics, atheists, people who have experienced something unexplainable, and those who have encountered the paranormal (religious or otherwise).

For 20 years, Catherine and Gil Stafford have been spiritual companions and practitioners of an ancient/new way of imagining the art of soul-making. Skilled in the art of deep listening, they have infused this book with the wisdom they have learned by listening to spiritual-but-not-religious people talk about their path-and by walking that path themselves.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • just how “normal” the paranormal actually is
  • meditation, contemplation, and other “spiritual” practices
  • how to craft meaningful life-cycle rituals
  • creating spiritual community that heals rather than hurts 

Walking with the Spiritual but Not Religious is for anyone who has left a religious tradition but still longs for a spiritual path. It is also for anyone – religious or not – called to be a spiritual companion for the not-religious. If either of these describe you, then this is a must-have book.

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