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The Gospel of Peace - Print Book

The Gospel of Peace - Print Book

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The Gospel of Peace: A Commentary on Matthew, Mark, and Luke from the Perspective of Nonviolence.

By John Dear.

Soft cover 300pp.
ISBN 9781626985339.
Orbis Books.(2023).

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Long-time activist, author and teacher of nonviolence, Father John Dear offers here the first ever commentary on the Synoptic Gospels from the perspective of active nonviolence, in the tradition of Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King.

He walks through every line of the three synoptic Gospels pointing out Jesus’ practice and teachings of nonviolence each step of the way.

Dear’s Jesus is nonviolent to the core, a disarming, healing presence toward those in need and a revolutionary disrupter of the unjust status quo and a political threat to the ruling authorities who succeed in killing him, only to push Jesus to the heights of nonviolence through his death and resurrection. This original commentary brings a fresh new approach to the Gospels that will help all those who preach and engage in social ministries, and inspire everyone in this time of permanent warfare, gun violence, racism, poverty and climate change.

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