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Surviving God - Print

Surviving God - Print

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Surviving God: A New Vision of God through the Eyes of Sexual Abuse Survivors

By Grace Ji-Sun Kim & Susan M Shaw

Soft cover, 229pp
ISBN 9781506495781
Broadleaf Books (2024)

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Ground-breaking theologians Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Susan M. Shaw, themselves survivors, show how traditional ways of thinking about God are highly problematic, contribute to the problems of sexual abuse, and are not reflective of the God of love and justice at the heart of the gospel.

These long-held theologies often perpetuate the problem of sexual abuse and fail to promote healing for survivors.

Drawing from their own experiences and the experiences of other survivors, and centering the ways gender intersects with race, sexuality, class, and religion, Kim and Shaw lead us to deep healing and a transformed church that no longer contributes to the devastation of sexual abuse.

In these inspiring pages, you will discover new ways of thinking about God that are surprising, challenging, and empowering.

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