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Starting Your Messy Church - Print

Starting Your Messy Church - Print

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Starting Your Messy Church: A beginner’s guide for churches 2nd edition

By Lucy Moore; Jane Leadbetter; Aike Kennett-Brown.

Soft cover 62pp
ISBN 9781800392243
BRF (2023)

[Allow 4 weeks]. 

When you need to introduce your children’s workers, family coordinators and church leaders to the concept of all-involving, activity-based, new-to-church worship, this is the quick-to-read resource that explains it all.

The book is structured into bite-sized sections which take you through the essentials of how to construct a strategy and put your plans to start your own Messy Church ministry into action.

The book includes (among many other things) checklists, milestones and questions to ask of a Messy Church that you might visit, together with an honest and down-to-earth look at the ‘Things we wish we’d known’ from experienced Messy Church practitioners.

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