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Politics and Mission - Print

Politics and Mission - Print

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Politics & Mission: Rediscovering the Political Power of What Christians Do.

Martin Gainsborough.

ISBN 9781789592702.
Sacristy Press (2023).

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Contrary to popular sentiment, Christianity is not dull or out of touch but fresh, relevant, exciting, and contemporary. The Church is political because it tells a radically different story from the dominant political norms of our day. Through a study of the Church's liturgy, this book seeks to build confidence in the Church's mission.

Politics & Mission examines five pieces of liturgy-namely morning prayer, baptism, eucharist, foot washing and the funeral-detailing in turn the ways in which the language of the liturgy, which we often take for granted, is powerful and counter-cultural. Through its analysis, the book sheds light on three principal areas: what it is to be human, the challenges of contemporary mission, and the particular way in which the Church is political.

In so doing, new resources are offered for the practicing Christian, those in Church leadership, and those looking at the Church from the outside, to reflect on and grapple with the challenges of this generation.

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