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Bloomsbury Continuum

Passions of the Soul - Print

Passions of the Soul - Print

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Passions of the Soul

By Rowan Williams


Soft cover, 160pp
ISBN 9781399415682
Bloomsbury Continuum (2024)


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Discover how ancient wisdom can transform modern life. 


In this illuminating book, past Archbishop of Canterbury, Williams explores the great classics of Eastern Christian writing, revealing their relevance for today’s world. He addresses the challenges of living in a culture that often neglects deep theological and philosophical understanding, leading to a diminished view of the human self.


Williams demonstrates how the Eastern tradition helps us develop self-knowledge and awareness, allowing us to relate to the world without selfish illusions. This journey opens our eyes to God and helps us avoid destructive behaviours, guiding us to become the people we are meant to be.


With practical insights, Williams lays out the processes we use to justify and ignore our flaws while missing God’s presence in us.


Ideal for those humble enough to recognise their need for growth.


Rowan Williams offers a clear path to living in God’s kingdom now, based on the Beatitudes. Embrace this profound guide and enrich your spiritual journey.

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