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Out of the Embers - Print

Out of the Embers - Print

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Out of the Embers:
Faith After the Great Deconstruction.

Bradley Jersak.

Soft cover 320pp.
ISBN 9781641238885.
Whitaker House (2022).
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What is Deconstruction?

  • Trendy brand name for falling away from belief in God?
  • Or a process essential to authentic faith?
  • Liberation or trauma?
  • Prison break or exile?

It’s complicated. Just like you.

Christian history records a Great Reformation and a Great Awakening. But today’s “Great Deconstruction” will surely leave an equally profound impact.

Jersak explores the necessity, perils, and possibilities of the Great Deconstruction – how it has the potential to either sabotage our communion with God or infuse it with the breath of life, the light and life of Christ himself.

In this collection of vulnerable memoirs, philosophical memos, and candid provocations, Jersak employs the wisdom and expertise of the great deconstructionists – Christianity’s ancient influences (Moses, Plato, Paul, and the Patristics), “beloved frenemies” (from Voltaire to Nietzsche), and the masters of deconstruction (Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, and Weil) – to double down and deconstruct deconstruction itself.

Where is faith after deconstruction?

The author’s heart is to engage and empathize with the bereft and disoriented, stoking the brittle ashes for live embers. In this quest for the resilient gospel of the martyrs, the marginal, and those outside the threshold...inexplicably, in this liminal space, life stirs. A Light shines through the ashes. We find, often for the first time, that living connection Jersak calls “presence in communion.”

There is a sea change occurring across the Western church and civilization. Whether we’re watching a radical course correction, or a complete collapse remains to be seen, and how it pans out will likely depend on how we see what’s happening, who we are becoming, how we live in response – and, most important, where we find Christ situated in this storm.

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