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My Sermon Response Journal - Print.

My Sermon Response Journal - Print.

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My Sermon Response Journal

by Philip C. Garside

Published: June 2022
Language: English
B/W text, 122 pp, 7″ x 10"
Soft cover

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  • Would you like to engage more with preachers’ messages?
  • Are you looking for a simple and effective way to record your responses as you listen to the sermon / reflection / homily / address, or soon afterwards?
  • Do you want an aid to help you reflect and act on their message during the following week?

My Sermon Response Journal is the perfect tool.

On each two-page spread you can write down the scripture readings, key points the preacher makes, and your immediate reaction to them. You are also prompted to identify how the message challenges you, actions you will take and the key idea you will take away from the sermon.

Himself a Methodist Lay Preacher, publisher Philip Garside recalls a discussion with an experienced minister who said that even preachers have trouble remembering the content of their sermons a couple of weeks later. So, write your responses to the sermon in your journal – during the service or when you get home – to capture the good news the preacher shared with you while it is fresh in your memory and heart.

As you fill the pages of your journal – there is room for 60 sermons – you will create a valuable record of the steps on your spiritual journey.

The journal is unlined, and its original design is uncluttered, with discreet headings to record the details of the sermon and prompt your responses to it.

Here are the heading prompts on each two page spread of the book:

  • Preacher name:
  • Date:                        Time:
  • Church, location or event:
  • Scripture verses preached about:
  • Sermon title:
  • Key points made by the preacher:
  • My reactions:
  • This sermon challenges me to…
  • I will take these actions:
  • The most important message for me today is…

Click here for a free sample PDF response sheet that you can print and fill out.


About the author

Lay preacher, publisher and bookseller Philip Garside, supplies ministers, worship leaders and church members, with resources for worship and reflection that celebrate the spirit of our country Aotearoa New Zealand.

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