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My Body Is Good - Print

My Body Is Good - Print

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My Body Is Good: Giving Up Diet Culture and Embracing Body Positivity for Lent.

By Anne Cumings.

Pbk 160pp
ISBN 9780835820103.
Upper Room (2022).
[Allow 4 weeks].

Cumings recalls growing up in a culture that scrutinized her body as a source of weakness and sin. Her church warned of slippery slides into debauchery, and modern culture taught her that she must look a certain way to be attractive, acceptable, even lovable – something to which most women will relate.

Now, equipped with a body-positive mindset, she has created an engaging and uplifting study, My Body Is Good, to guide readers through a Lenten season of celebrating their bodies.

Written specifically for women, each daily meditation offers a scripture passage, a reflection, and a prayer. Readers are encouraged to capture their questions, ideas, and thoughts through journaling and other spiritual practices, all with the intention of healing from diet culture. Join her on this Lenten journey and never again forget that your God-given body, made from dust, is good.

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