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Listen, Listen, Speak - Print

Listen, Listen, Speak - Print

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Listen, Listen, Speak: Hearing God and Being Heard in a Noisy World

Jay Y. Kim


Hard cover, 256pp
ISBN 9781546004998
Faithwords (2024)


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In a world of overwhelming noise, Kim offers a beacon of clarity and guidance.

Pastor Jay Kim addresses the deafening chaos of our age, where social media, news media, and politics bombard us with countless voices and opinions.

With compassion and wisdom, Kim provides concrete strategies for navigating this cacophony and tuning into the voice of God amidst the clamour. Drawing from Scripture, social science, and cultural insights, he offers practical advice for:

  • Listening through prayer, Scripture, and community
  • Understanding the impact of social media, news, and politics on our lives
  • Sharing the Good News in a way that cuts through the noise and speaks to the heart

Listen, Listen, Speak is a timely and indispensable guidebook for Christians seeking to engage meaningfully in today’s culture. It equips readers not only to speak with the love of Jesus but also, and perhaps more importantly, to listen – to one another and to God.

With endorsements from Bible teacher and author Amy Seiffert and others, this book offers hope, vulnerability, and a clear path forward in the midst of the noise.

Let Jay Kim’s refreshing perspective inspire you to attune your ears and heart to the voice of God.


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