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Joyful Spirit Bubbling - eBooks.

Joyful Spirit Bubbling - eBooks.

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Joyful Spirit Bubbling: Faith and Spirit Through the Seasons

Bronwyn Angela White

Published:  November 2023
Language: English
Words: 18,879
B/W text, 76pp, 6″ x 9″ 

You are buying a zipped file containing eBook editions of this 76 page book in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats (2023). ISBNs: PDF 9781991027566; ePub/Mobi 9781991027573.

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About the book

This poetic exploration of Aotearoa New Zealand's seasons, infused with Māori elements, invites readers to engage in worship through poems and prayers. It celebrates diverse talents, acknowledges cultural contributions, and urges a pursuit of peace and justice, creating a vibrant tapestry of gratitude for life's sacred moments.

Joyful Spirit Bubbling journeys through the seasons in Aotearoa New Zealand, capturing the essence of summer – December, January, February – and moving through Autumn and Winter to end with the revival and hope of Spring.

The author offers poems, prayers, and reflections, most of which can be read aloud as part of a service of worship. The book explores the liturgical and calendar years.

The poems and reflections within the book touch on themes, such as the flourishing spirit of growth, liberating spirit of compassion, and perceptive spirit of insight. Bronwyn incorporates elements of Māori culture, discussing concepts like manaakitanga (hospitality) and emphasizing the sacred in everyday life.

She invites readers to celebrate the blessings in their lives, ranging from small kindnesses to the wonders of nature. World Religion Day and Waitangi Day are acknowledged, fostering interfaith understanding and harmony.

The text extends gratitude for the diverse talents that contribute to our shared existence, from artists and entertainers to those who handle essential tasks like rubbish collection and recycling.

In the poem "Drama of Our Lives," the author expresses thankfulness for grace that guides individuals in the collective drama of life and recognizes the importance of friends and strangers who see beauty in our lives even during challenging times.

"Gifts of Other Faiths and Cultures" celebrates the diversity of beliefs, acknowledging contributions from various traditions and cultures. It highlights the significance of storytelling and expresses gratitude for storytellers across different cultures.

"Joyful Spirit Bubbling," pays homage to the creative spirit in nature and celebrations. It calls for empathy and justice, urging readers to work towards peace and justice while holding in their hearts those in need. The text invokes blessings for the homeless, peacemakers, and those dedicated to social, racial, and religious justice.

This book is a rich tapestry of poetic expressions, prayers, and reflections that invite readers to appreciate the sacred in ordinary moments and actively participate in the shared drama of life.

Praise for Joyful Spirit Bubbling

 “Bronwyn has the creativity, imagination, and power to have us sense the sacred in the ordinary… Bronwyn’s words are more powerful and real than a thousand theological treatises on incarnation.”  Rev Dr Margaret Mayman
“…poetry somehow rises above our ordinary, prosaic, factual, doctrinal essays and books and can lift our spirits, and here Bronwyn has offered to us some of her creations in this respect that we can share.” Emeritus Prof Rev Sir Lloyd Geering


About the Author

Born in Aotearoa New Zealand, Bronwyn's writing celebrates inclusiveness and social justice; affirms spirit and faith in postmodern, progressive and post-Christian life. Her prayers, affirmations, reflections, and blessings are in inclusive language, with an emphasis on "faith not belief" and social justice.

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Table of Contents

  • About the words

Summer in Aotearoa

  • Blessings that blossom in our lives
  • Drama of our lives
  • Gifts of other faiths and cultures
  • Joyful Spirit bubbling

Autumn in Aotearoa

  • An evolving response
  • Your stories tell our lives
  • Autumn Benediction
  • Celebrating mothers and women of mana

Winter in Aotearoa

  • Journeys, homecoming, manaakitanga
  • Blessing for Winter Meal
  • Prayers for Family
  • Raindrops pizzicato
  • Prayers on Father’s Day

Spring in Aotearoa

  • Aotearoa Spring—prayers of pavement and city square
  • We are blessed with enough
  • Botanical Gardens prayers
  • With the Spring comes the greening
  • Sometimes Spring
  • Vigour of rain and passion of sunshine

Seasons in one day

Reflections and essays

  • Allies or Traitors
  • Blessed be the work of our hands
  • Feast in the wilderness (i): Next year in Jerusalem
  • Feast in the wilderness (ii): The Promised Land
  • Loving Boldly—What makes a leader?
  • Milk from the breast of Christ
  • Put on your glad rags and break the rules!
  • Sacred stones and sites—reflection and liturgy
  • Voices of the deep

Affirmations, prayers, blessings

  • Blessings of Greenness
  • Affirmation of Faith (ii): Come, let us walk the road
  • Litany for departing
  • Walls, Gates and Tables
  • Trees blessing

Glossary and References

  • Glossary
  • Bibliography and sources
  • Thanks
  • Also by Bronwyn Angela White
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