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Jesus and the Abolitionists - Print

Jesus and the Abolitionists - Print

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Jesus and the Abolitionists: How Anarchist Christianity Empowers the People

By Terry J. Stokes

Hard cover 173pp.
1.7cm H x 22.4cm L x 14.9cm W (0.37 kgs)
ISBN 9798889830818
Broadleaf Books (2024)

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Stokes offers a revolutionary perspective on Christianity through the lens of anarchy.

Challenging misconceptions, Stokes argues that true anarchy is about ending oppressive systems and empowering communities.

He explores how Christian beliefs align with anarchist principles, advocating for a society built on justice, equality, and voluntary cooperation.

This book is essential for those exploring radical ideas and seeking a faith that supports liberation and empowerment.

Discover how anarchist Christianity can inspire and mobilize you toward a more just and compassionate world.

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