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In-tensional - Print.

In-tensional - Print.

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In-tensional: A Way Forward for the Church

By Justin Duckworth & Alan Jamieson

124pp softcover
6” x 9”
ISBN 9781991027764
Philip Garside Publishing Ltd (2024)

Publishing 22 July 2024

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Are you feeling the weight of confusion and uncertainty in today’s world? You’re not alone. 

Justin Duckworth and Alan Jamieson address the crisis of hopelessness gripping the western world and offer a bold perspective: the answer lies in the life of Jesus and the revitalization of the Christian church.

Anglican archbishop Justin and sociologist pastor Alan unpack the urgent need for church renewal in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Through personal anecdotes, theological insights, and sociological analysis, they paint a compelling picture of what it means to embrace tension and navigate change.

This isn’t just another book on church decline. Instead, they invite you into a dialogue between traditional church leaders and forward-thinking pioneers.

In-tensional isn’t about theory; it’s about sparking conversations that bridge the gap between established church structures and emerging expressions of faith. They delve into the dynamic tension between what’s comfortable and what’s prophetic, between tradition and innovation.

Drawing from real-world experiences, Justin and Alan navigate the complexities of modern church life. They address the challenges posed by cultural disruptions, mental health crises, and global emergencies like COVID-19 and climate change.

But amidst the chaos, they offer hope. They remind us that throughout history, God has met people in times of crisis, offering new invitations and opportunities for renewal. In-tensional is a call to courage, faithfulness, and unity in a time of unprecedented change.

Join the conversation between Centre-church leaders and Edge-dwellers as they explore what it means to be the church in the 21st century.

Discover how embracing tension can lead to transformation, and how together, we can shape a brighter future for the church in the west.

• • •



Ÿ  Getting on the Same Page

Ÿ  Our stories of centre and edge

Ÿ  Hosting the courageous conversation that might reshape the church

Chapter 1 — Facing our Reality

Chapter 2 — Process of Renewal

Ÿ  Edge defined

Chapter 3 — Stories of Renewal

Ÿ  To the desert

Ÿ  To the monastery

Ÿ  To the beggars

Ÿ  Patterns of new movements that take root

Chapter 4 — So, What Do We Do?

Ÿ  What now?

Ÿ  The Usual Tale

Ÿ  The Unusual Tale

Chapter 5 — What Edge and Centre Offer

Ÿ  What the Edge Offers

Ÿ  What Centre-church offers

Ÿ  The life cycle of Edge Communities

Ÿ  Saying it again!

Ÿ  Our main points so far

Chapter 6 — Radical

Ÿ  Operating from Humility

Ÿ  Centre-church

Chapter 7 — Sustainable

Ÿ  What the Edge does

Ÿ  Changing Gear

Ÿ  The relationship between the Edge’s needs and the Centre-church

Ÿ  What the Centre does

Chapter 8 — Influential

Ÿ  What the Edge does

Ÿ  Influence by fostering new edge movements

Ÿ  Influencing the wider church

Ÿ  Multiplying

Ÿ  Keep the main thing the main thing

Ÿ  Watch for mission drift

Ÿ  What the Centre does

Chapter 9 — In-tensional In Action

Ÿ  Final thought from Justin

Ÿ  This is what we’ve achieved by living into this in-tensional relationship between centre and edge

Ÿ  The icing on the cake


Notes and References

About the Authors

 • • •

About the Authors

Alan and Justin have known each other for a quarter of a century in various capacities in church leadership.

Justin was elected Archbishop Tikanga Pakeha of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia in May 2024, having served as Bishop of Wellington since 2012, during which time his passion has been for the renewing of Jesus’ church; most often through the interplay of centre and edge expressions. He is the co-founder of Urban Vision, a movement of local residential intentional communities which seek to serve those at the margins of their neighbourhoods. Justin is married to Jenny, and lives in Whanganui. He is father to the marvellous Luca, Jesse and Maya. 

Justin and Jenny have also co-published Against the Tide, Towards the Kingdom (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2011). 

Alan has been an Aotearoa New Zealand pastor for 30 years. He has is also sociologist who has researched faith development. He is married to Sandra and lives in Ōtautahi Christchurch close to their children and four grandchildren. He has written four prior books:

Ÿ  A Churchless Faith, (Philip Garside Publishing Ltd, New Zealand, 2000). Published internationally by SPCK, 2002.

Ÿ  Called Again, (Philip Garside Publishing Ltd in NZ, 2004.) Retitled and published internationally as, Journeying in Faith, by SPCK, 2004.

Ÿ  Five Years On, (Portland Research Trust, New Zealand 2006.)Published internationally by SPCK under the title, Church Leaving, 2006.

Ÿ  Chrysalis: The hidden transformation in the journey of faith, (2008, Carlisle: Paternoster). Republished in French as Chrysalide: les Metamorphoses de la foi, 2016. 

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