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Grieving Room - Print

Grieving Room - Print

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Grieving Room: Making Space for All the Hard Things After Death and Loss

By Leanne Friesen.

Hard cover, 241pp
ISBN 9781506492377
Broadleaf Books (2024)

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When we lose someone we love, we are forever changed. When our loved one dies, our grief needs room.

People long to reduce the enormity of our grief. “Time heals all wounds,” they tell us, or “At least she isn’t in pain anymore.” Yet no matter how hard others try to stuff our grief into a process or a plan, grief cannot be willed away.

In this poignant account of a sister’s mourning and a pastor’s journey, Friesen pushes back against a world that wants to minimize our sorrow and avoid our despair. She helps those of us walking with the grieving figure out what to say and what not to say, and she offers practical ways to create ample space for every emotion and experience.

Reflection questions, practices, and prayers at the end of the book offer guidance and ideas for individuals and groups.

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