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Gracism - Print

Gracism - Print

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Gracism: The Art of Inclusion

(Revised and Expanded)

By David A. Anderson; David Heiliger

Soft cover, 192pp
ISBN 9781514007327
IVP (2023)

[1 in stock 22 July 2023. Allow 4 weeks for delivery when that copy has sold]

We can't ignore color, class, or culture. Instead, we must engage matters of race with a different posture and embrace radical inclusion of the marginalised.

Now with David Heiliger, David A. Anderson revives the biblical model for showing special grace to others on the basis of ethnicity, class, or social distinction – one of gracism. Responding to ongoing problems of prejudice and injustice, the original seven sayings of the gracist now become eight with a new chapter alongside a revised conclusion. 

Take this opportunity to extend God's grace to people of all backgrounds in this edition of Gracism.

"What a beautiful – and needed! – book. Dave Anderson calls people who are saved by the grace of God to extend grace to their neighbors, whoever they are. I can't imagine anyone reading this book without being marked for life as an agent of gracism, which may be the best synonym for reconciliation ever invented." Brian D. McLaren, author/activist

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