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Following Jesus in a Warming World - Print

Following Jesus in a Warming World - Print

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Following Jesus in a Warming World: A Christian Call to Climate Action

By Kyle Meyaard-Schaap

Soft cover 208pp
ISBN 9781514004456
IVP (2023)

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Kyle Meyaard-Schaap provides a timely and inspiring field guide for Christians grappling with the urgent call to climate action. In a world marked by the devastating impacts of climate change and surrounded by apathy, Meyaard-Schaap's personal experiences as a climate activist resonate with those who have wondered, "What are we missing here?"

Navigating through stories from the field, theological explorations, and scriptural insights, the author addresses the growing awakening among young Christians to the realities of climate change. Many want to make a difference but feel uncertain about where to start.

Meyaard-Schaap offers not just practical advice but a beacon of hope to those paralysed by the enormity of the crisis, urging them to transform their paralysis into meaningful action.

This field guide is not grounded in guilt or drudgery, but in the joy of caring for creation. The book challenges the isolation felt by Christians concerned about the climate crisis, providing a supportive and encouraging voice. Meyaard-Schaap's passion, evident throughout the narrative, becomes a guiding force for those walking a lonely journey in the face of apathy or dismissal from fellow Christians.

Endorsed by environmentalist Bill McKibben, the book is hailed as a faith journey that brings illumination and inspiration for action. Debra Rienstra, a professor of English at Calvin College, commends Meyaard-Schaap for being a patient and trustworthy encourager, offering a deeply scriptural call to advocacy as both a moral necessity and a spiritual discipline.

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