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Everything Good about God Is True - Print

Everything Good about God Is True - Print

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Everything Good about God Is True: Choosing Faith

By Bruce Reyes-Chow

Soft cover 198pp.
1.8cms H x 21.3cm L x 13.7 W (0.27 kgs)
ISBN 9781506495699
Broadleaf Books (2024)

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A refreshing and transformative guide for those seeking a more inclusive and expansive faith.

In this engaging primer on progressive Christianity, Reyes-Chow helps readers articulate a gospel centred on love, kindness, humility, and justice.

With clarity and wit, he redefines traditional doctrines, offering a vision of faith that embraces complexity and contradiction.

This book is ideal for anyone questioning doctrines of exclusion and looking for a faith that aligns with their values.

Rediscover the essence of Christianity and explore a more compassionate and inclusive faith journey with this inspiring read.

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