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Morgan James Faith

A Holy Haunting - Print

A Holy Haunting - Print

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A Holy Haunting: Why Faith Isn’t a Leap But a Series of Staggers from One Safe Place to Another.

Sam D. Kim.

Soft cover 208pp.
ISBN 9781631959905
Morgan James Faith (2023).
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This book addresses significant questions related to impediments to faith that many seekers might have, including:

  • Did God really create the world?
  • Did Jesus of Nazareth actually exist?
  • Is the New Testament reliable?
  • Does God still speak today?

The rise of modernism was both a blessing and curse for the church; while modernists articulated belief in a succinct and coherent fashion, they reduced the mystery and wonder of faith to nothing more than blind belief. According to Dr Kim, faith is not a set of beliefs, but a central aspect of human existence – defining who we are in the deepest ontological sense.

Unlike many who discredit the power of the spiritual or immaterial, Dr Kim sees human consciousness – the soul – as evidence of humanity being forged in the corridors of eternity, before the primordial universe and the Big Bang. A roadmap of discovery for sceptics and believers alike, A Holy Haunting befriends the doubter, challenges the churchgoer, and gives fresh perspective to the seeker.

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