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A Bird’s-Eye View of Luke and Acts - Print

A Bird’s-Eye View of Luke and Acts - Print

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A Bird’s-Eye View of Luke and Acts: Context, Story, and Themes

By Michael F. Bird


Soft cover, 344pp
ISBN 9781514008096
IVP Academic (2023)


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Discover anew the profound teachings of Luke and Acts.

This accessible introduction delves into how these two books together narrate the life of Jesus, the early church, and the mission of God, offering insights relevant for today’s world.

Bird expertly situates Luke-Acts in their historical and literary contexts, exploring central theological themes and their implications for contemporary issues. You’ll learn:

  • How Luke frames the life of Jesus and the first disciples
  • The cohesive narrative about Jesus, the Church, and God’s mission
  • The relevance of Luke-Acts for modern social issues

Key features include an examination of Luke’s Christology, the way of salvation, the role of women, wealth and possessions, the Holy Spirit, and the relationship between Jews and Gentiles. Bird’s engaging style, enriched with humour and personal narratives, makes complex scholarship accessible and enjoyable.

Perfect for students, theologians, or anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Luke and Acts, this book opens a wide door to the rich narrative and themes of these essential New Testament books.

Join Bird on this enlightening journey and see how Luke-Acts can shape your faith and life today.

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