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Apocryphile Press

Transformative Activism - Print

Transformative Activism - Print

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Transformative Activism:
A Values Revolution in Everyday Life in a Time of Societal Collapse

Tim Stevenson

Soft cover 348pp
ISBN 9781958061169
Apocryphile Press (2023)

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Transformative Activism is an effective guide to growing into the spiritual maturity we need to be effective agents of human liberation and transformative change in a collapsing world. It invites us into spiritual practices that foster the peace, freedom, and social justice we seek.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • how to realize your potential as an activist
  • how to achieve revolutionary change
  • a way to ground your values in everyday practices, and
  • how to become a living representative of the transformed world you aspire to

This book is precisely what you need to be an agent and exemplar of transformative change. Along with a concrete analysis of the personal/political barriers that prevent you from achieving this success, it provides an in-depth, practical discussion of how to free yourself from these impediments. complete package of life-changing wisdom for the revolutionary activist.

An activist and community organizer for 55 years, Tim Stevenson has been involved in anti-war and civil rights campaigns, a community newspaper collective, an alternative childcare arrangement, and an activist commune. He has been involved in resistance against a nuclear power plant and a box store invasion, and has struggled alongside women and people of colour around issues of male supremacy and white privilege. In 2005 he founded Post Oil Solutions, an award-winning, highly successful climate crisis organization. He is the author of Resilience and Resistance: Building Sustainable Communities for a Post Oil Age.

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