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The Jesus Walk - PDF

The Jesus Walk - PDF

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The Jesus Walk – PDF

By Anna Johnstone

Colour photographs throughout
84pp, landscape.
Published by: Johnstone2 Photography (2014).
ISBN 9780473278625

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Anna Johnstone asked herself if the world needed another book about Jesus. The answer was obvious. Yes, yes, yes, because the Word made flesh is relevant to every age, every culture and every person in that culture.

The Jesus Walk” is not gospel exegesis nor is it a study of the historical Jesus. It is all about us, and our journey through life with the Presence that accompanies us, that is the bridge between this little finite existence we might call “Life School” and the great spiritual reality that is beyond our limited sensate system. Christians know this Presence as the Spirit of Jesus Christ, God Incarnate. We build churches for Him, we worship Him, He is honoured by billions. But for all the complex structures and teachings created in His name, the gospels tell us that Jesus’ life was very simple. It was a domestic life, concerned with matters of home and hearth, and His parables used small things to represent universal truth.

When we read the gospels, we are moved by the familiar: yeast and bread, grapes and wine, a lost coin, sparrows, lilies, weeds, ointment, dust on feet, water in wells, fish, figs, corn, friends around a table. While we may study Jesus in universities and erect buildings in His name, we know that we are closest to Him in the simple details of our day to day existence.

This is how Anna Johnstone invites us to do “The Jesus Walk” where we are drawn to the love of God in our ordinariness, which is what makes the ordinary so extraordinary. Anna expresses this beautifully, reminding readers that the Sunday Jesus is also 24 hours, 7 days a week, and in all of our experience, not simply the bits we dedicate to him. With gorgeous photographs, each picture in itself, a doorway to prayer, Anna gives us a series of reflections that unwrap a life lived with His companionship.

Experiences we all share are taken to a deeper level that offer new insights, and although the scenery changes from page to page, we become aware that the entire journey of the “The Jesus Walk” is guided by the Ancient Love that is ever new. This is sure to become a favourite.

Joy Cowley

Praise for The Jesus Walk

"I was delighted to read Anna’s latest beautifully-crafted collection of meditations, poetry, and storytelling and appreciated the rich visual imagery and the care with which the colours and pictures supported and enriched the text.

Anna takes the familiar and refreshes it so we see old stories with a new perspective and deeper respect for the Jesus at the centre of the stories and the writer’s life. The material takes the reader into Anna’s personal reality as she shares poems born in hospital rooms, reflections on friendships across time and distance, the dance of discernment, and the comings and goings of God in her life.

For me, above all, this volume is a testimony of faithfulness, Anna’s to God and God’s to Anna. Through it we glimpse the reality of a life lived in daily attentiveness to the Word."

Rev. Canon Sue Pickering author of
On holiday with God and other retreat resources

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