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Hope is Our Song - MP3 Audio tracks - Digital

Hope is Our Song - MP3 Audio tracks - Digital

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Hope is our Song – MP3 Digital Music set


27 x CD quality MP3 files, featuring recordings by Viva Voce

Note: This collection of MP3 files does not contain recordings of all 158 hymns in the book, just a selection.

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Details and track list

27 songs recorded, with John Rosser conducting, and Michael Bell (organist at St Matthew in the City, Auckland) playing organ and piano accompaniments.

Viva Voce is a leading Auckland-based chamber choir. With 25 years of performances and recordings to its name, Viva Voce aims for ‘excellence and entertainment’ in their programming, and now, with this album, the word ‘inspiration’ can be added, completing a trinitarian foundation for their vocal offerings.

Recorded at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand, on 29 July, 3 and 5 August, 2010.

  1. God bless our land (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
  2. Always there’s a carol (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson)
  3. Here in the busy city (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
  4. Peace be with you (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
  5. From this holy time (Marnie Barrell/Barry Brinson)
  6. Honour the dead/Hymn for Anzac Day (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson)
  7. Lord Jesus, look on this we do (John Paisley/Colin Gibson)
  8. Companions, let us pray together (David Clark, Witi Ihimaera/David Hamilton)
  9. Matthew was a lonely man (Colin Gibson/John Gibson)
  10. Let us go in your peace/Pauatahanui Blessing (Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray)
  11. God of ages (Jocelyn Marshall/Christopher Marshall)
  12. O God, to you I cry in pain (Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray)
  13. On a cool and autumn dawn (Bill Bennett/Bill Bennett)
  14. My heart is leaping/Mary’s Song (Marion Kitchingman/Barry Brinson)
  15. E te Ariki (Traditional/Wi-Patena Te Pairi)
  16. All will be well (William Wallace/Alison Carey)
  17. Look in wonder (Shirley Murray/Jim Strathdee)
  18. Beautiful presence (Joy Cowley/Barry Brinson)
  19. God was in Christ (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson)
  20. In what strange land (Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson)
  21. Thank you for the night Jenny McLeod/Jenny McLeod)
  22. Nothing, nothing in all creation/Hope is our song (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
  23. In the name of Christ (Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson)
  24. Wisdom far beyond our knowledge (Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson)
  25. Christ ascends to God/A Hymn for Ascension (Marnie Barrell/Barry Brinson)
  26. Christ has changed the world’s direction/Peacemakers’ Hymn (Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson)
  27. Where the light of Easter Day (Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray)
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