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Faith Evolving - eBooks.

Faith Evolving - eBooks.

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Faith Evolving: A Patchwork Journey 

By Trish McBride

188pp, 7" x 10"
71,424 Words
Re-published: 19 April 2024
Language: English

You are buying a zipped file containing eBook editions of this 188 page book in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats.
PDF: 9781991027733
ePub / Mobi / Kindle 9781991027726


Trish’s three books – Faith Evolving, Exploring the Presence and A Love Quilt – are being republished in 2024. Read together, they document Trish’s 75-year life and faith journey from childhood to her 80s – a unique longitudinal record of women’s spirituality and thinking. They are both spiritual biography and contextual theology.

Along the way, Trish moves from a traditional Catholic faith to embracing feminist theology and on into a post-denominational, inclusive, integrated Gospel-centred spirituality. She has used a patchwork metaphor across all three books, connecting writings of many colours, shapes and textures.

Her purpose in all three has been to encourage others to ponder and record their own faith journeys.

Free PDF Sampler of articles and poems from Trish's three books

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How is religious faith affected by our life’s experiences? Trish McBride started with a traditional Christian faith. Over time this has evolved into a belief in a God who is free of denominational church boundaries. One poem and prose step at a time, Trish weaves the scattered patches of her life into a compelling narrative that will touch your heart, and invite you to ponder your own faith journey.

“My purpose in assembling the first edition of Faith Evolving was two-fold: to fill a gap in the spirituality literature by offering a sample longitudinal study of an ordinary woman’s journey of faith, and to encourage readers to reflect on their own journeys. This edition has the same aims!

The hard times are well and truly over and life is enjoyable and mostly peaceful. Good health helps with that, as do plentiful silence, solitude and simplicity – and more quilt-making. Another ten grandchildren have come along, all delicious buds on the family tree.

For me now God permeates everything as Life-Force, and is personally communicating and relational in Jesus, my life companion, and is Holy Mystery. Perhaps this approaches what the Church Fathers were trying to get at when they defined the Trinity!” Trish, From the Preface to the Third edition

“This book is divided into three sections, each prefaced with a reflection on how she perceives, retrospectively, her faith journey:
  • Clothes-line Theology: 1974–1986

  • After That: 1987–1994

  • Turangawaewae: 1995–2005
The young adult Trish, who strived to fulfil the expectations of a traditional [Christian] marriage and parish, has passed through the crucible of pain and loss by 2005 to become a mature and joyful Trish. The God, who at the beginning is a demanding figure evoking total blind surrender, is by the end the One who seeks justice in solidarity with marginalised women and men, and who manifests not only in creation, but also as the Quiet within.” Anne Hadfield PhD, author and spiritual director

About the author

Trish McBride was born in Lancaster, England and came to Aotearoa New Zealand in 1952. For most of her life she was deeply involved in the Catholic Church. She has subsequently spent times with ExAlt, a women’s spirituality group, a Progressive Presbyterian parish, and the Religious Society of Friends, and now identifies as post-denominational.

Now retired, Trish has been a spiritual director, chaplain in various contexts, counsellor and supervisor. She is mother to 7 and delighted grandmother to 23, some acquired, and is now (2024) happily settled in a retirement village.

A high point in her writing career was as a prize-winner in a 1994 international competition for religious journalism awarded by The Tablet, London. Others have been contributing chapters to five Aotearoa Catholic-based theology books, (The God Book, A Thinkers Guide to Sin, Journeying into Prayer, But is it Fair? and Living in the Planet Earth), publication of two academic papers in USA, and completing her own unintended trilogy: Faith Evolving, Exploring the Presence and A Love Quilt.

Many of the articles and poems in her books have previously appeared in a variety of publications. Formal studies included MA (Hons) in Classics, Diploma in Pastoral Ministry and Recognition as an Associate in Christian Ministry (interdenominational).

Involvements include family, social justice, nurturing friendships, quilting, reading, swimming, walking and occasional painting.



Title and Copyright




Preface to the Third Edition

Clothes-line Theology: 1974 – 1986

  • 41 Koromiko Road
  • Magnificat
  • Community
  • Being Small
  • A Blood Donor’s Prayer
  • About Loving
  • If
  • Vine
  • Birth
  • Commitment
  • Forgiveness
  • Al-Anon and a Catholic
  • Worth
  • Cana
  • Woman
  • Fruitfulness
  • Honoured
  • Retreats
  • Incarnation
  • Fishing
  • Duckling
  • Hunger
  • Encounter
  • Burdens

After That: 1987– 1994

  • Change
  • Garden
  • Ruach
  • Gold
  • Integration
  • Storm
  • Chaos
  • The Flower
  • Betrayal
  • Clay
  • Listening
  • Time
  • Presence
  • In Deep
  • Waikanae
  • Cave
  • The Invitation
  • An Intrinsic Moral Evil?
  • Humility and Me
  • Mending
  • Straightening
  • A Tiger Named Susanna
  • Waiting
  • Whatsoever You Do …
    • A tribute to AIDS Campaigner Tom O’Donoghue

Turangawaewae: 1995 – 2005

  • The Wash
  • June
  • Sharing the Journey – Growing in God through Spiritual Direction
  • Extrication!
  • Women’s Experience of Church Response to Family Violence – towards a theology for abusive marriages
    • Quotes to Ponder
    • Recommendations
    • Recommended Reading
  • Ambivalence
  • Aftermath
  • Journey with AIDS
    • Candlelight Memorial
    • Good Friday
    • Cairn
  • Reproach
  • First Australasian Conference on Sexual Abuse by Health Professionals and Members of the Clergy
  • Of Poppies and Vines …
  • Life
  • Seeing
  • Outrage
  • A Theology of Forgiveness
  • Discovering Decolonisation
  • A Letter
  • Trinity
  • ‘Come and See!’
  • Engaging with the Scriptures
  • Journey with the Jews
  • Revisiting Original Sin
  • Starting
  • Dancing
  • Living Springs – Towards a Just Future
  • Open Discipline, Consumer Rights and the Churches
  • Visitors
  • A Clergy Wife Speaks Out
  • The Violent Church
  • Consenting Adults or Organisational Incest?
  • Millennium
  • Unless You Become as Little Children …
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes
  • Reflections on a Transition
  • Potential
  • Fierce Feathers
  • Proclaiming Liberty to Captives…
  • Therapy
  • A Quaker Saint
  • Transformation –
  • Community Care – the Good News
  • Ministering to Church Leavers
  • Celebrating Susanna
  • Another Response to Jacquie’s Daughter, Maybe for When She’s a Little Older
  • Dancing with Gratitude
  • The Table Ministry of Jesus
  • Psychotherapy as Sacrament
  • And Now …


Selected Bibliography

Appendix 1 — Summary of J W Fowler’s Stages of Faith

Appendix 2 — Power and Equality Wheels


About the Author


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