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Exploring the Presence - eBooks.

Exploring the Presence - eBooks.

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Exploring the Presence: More Faith Patches

By Trish McBride

179pp, 7" x 10" B/W
73,337 words
Republished by Philip Garside Books 2024

You are buying a zipped file containing the eBook editions of this book in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats. (2024) 
PDF 9781991027689
ePub / Kindle / Mobi 9781991027696

Book Description

Exploring the Presence: More Faith Patches is the passionate, rich and honest spiritual journey of a woman who left her church after awakening to the Divine Feminine.

In her sequel to Faith Evolving, Trish McBride honours the Presence of the Holy One who permeates All that Is, however we may name Her / Him, in an authentic expression of women’s spirituality.

The diversity of prose and poetic pieces of writing is ‘quilted’ together with a clear and concise voice. It is challenging and provocative in places, but also mellow and joyous, conveying the darkness and the light of the spiritual path. It claims continuity with the essence of the Catholic Christian tradition while exploring far and wide beyond. There is a sharing of the intimate details of a spiritual journey, attention to the texture of place, time and Spirit, an ability to convey the ‘feel’ of experiences and travels, and delight in the company of others on the Way.

Trish’s honesty, integrity and ability to reflect on her own experiences make this book a good read, either as a whole, or a piece at a time. Readers interested in the contribution to faith of ‘mind’ as well as ‘heart’ will find this a rich resource. All of life is sacred!

Free PDF Sampler of articles and poems from Trish's three books

Want a taste of the quality and breadth of Trish's writing?

Click here for a free 35 page PDF containing extracts
from Faith Evolving, Exploring the Presence and A Love Quilt:
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Books by Trish McBride

Read together, these three books (Faith Evolving, Exploring the Presence and A Love Quilt) document Trish’s 75-year life and faith journey from childhood to her 80s – a unique longitudinal record of women’s spirituality and thinking. They are both spiritual biography and contextual theology.

Along the way, Trish moves from a traditional Catholic faith to embracing feminist theology and on into a post-denominational, inclusive, integrated Gospel-centred spirituality. She has used a patchwork metaphor across all three books, connecting writings of many colours, shapes and textures.

Her purpose in all three has been to encourage others to ponder and record their own faith journeys.

Praise for Exploring the Presence

“This is a passionate and courageous book. Trish McBride shows us her soul as she invites us to journey with here and her friend Jesus, from the rich warm memories of the Catholic books and liturgy of her childhood to a broad an open place where she finds Godde in all things. The section ‘Thinking it Through’ has particular value. She raises and puts into a wider, sometimes surprising perspective many of today’s questions. Through inner and outer journeying she explores the mystery of Godde through personal reflection, story, poetry, pilgrimage, play and many other ways of discovering in the midst the Sacred Feminine, so enriching to her life. As old secure images of God crumble this book will help many to discover new depths and meaning.” 
Marg Schrader, Spiritual Director

“Trish McBride’s brave and creative book deserves a wide audience. She is a fearless spiritual explorer dedicated to making sense of her own journey and the world around her. With a faith that is genuinely life-giving and liberation-focussed, she travels everywhere across the planet, across religious and spiritual traditions, across ethnic and gender divides. ‘Faith seeking understanding’ can and must go in any direction!”
Mike Fitzsimons, Writer and Publisher

“Those who loved Faith Evolving will welcome Trish McBride’s invitation to continue with her on her deeply personal journey, ‘holding the hand of Jesus’, to times and places where, as a woman, she could worship in her own language, her own culture!”  

Dr John Broomfield, Former President, California Institute of Integral Studies

About the author

Trish McBride was born in Lancaster, England and came to Aotearoa New Zealand in 1952. For most of her life she was deeply involved in the Catholic Church. She has subsequently spent times with ExAlt, a women’s spirituality group, a Progressive Presbyterian parish, and the Religious Society of Friends, and now identifies as post-denominational.

Now retired, Trish has been a spiritual director, chaplain in various contexts, counsellor and supervisor. She is mother to 7 and delighted grandmother to 23, some acquired, and is now (2024) happily settled in a retirement village.

A high point in her writing career was as a prize-winner in a 1994 international competition for religious journalism awarded by The Tablet, London. Others have been contributing chapters to five Aotearoa Catholic-based theology books, (The God Book, A Thinkers Guide to Sin, Journeying into Prayer, But is it Fair? and Living in the Planet Earth), publication of two academic papers in USA, and completing her own unintended trilogy: Faith Evolving, Exploring the Presence and A Love Quilt.

Many of the articles and poems in her books have previously appeared in a variety of publications. Formal studies included MA (Hons) in Classics, Diploma in Pastoral Ministry and Recognition as an Associate in Christian Ministry (interdenominational).

Involvements include family, social justice, nurturing friendships, quilting, reading, swimming, walking and occasional painting.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
Changing Church
  • In the Beginning…
  • Stories of Saints
  • The Charismatic Legacy
  • Shabbat Shalom – Building Bridges
  • Labyrinth
  • Christmas Blessings
  • Kiwi Spirituality
  • After Christmas
  • Untouchable Life
  • Suspended in Time
  • A Journey Towards Perfection
  • Spiritual Crossing
  • Waiting for God
  • Brains
  • Regrowth
  • The 5th Womenspirit Rising
  • ExAlt Reflection
  • ExAlt Investigated
  • Spirituality at Women’s Convention
  • Leaving my Church
  • The Grail Girls
  • Visiting Hildegard
Stories and Playing
  • Storytelling and Spirituality
  • And Then Came the Dancing
  • Toucan
  • The Creative Spirit
  • The Spirituality of Quilting
Pilgrimages near and far
  • Pilgrimage
  • Sacred Stones
  • Impressions of Poland
  • A Stone
  • A Goddess Pilgrimage in Crete
  • Going Back
  • Sacred Times in San Francisco
  • Take this Bread
  • Desert Stories
  • Kōhanga
  • Wairua
Pacific Stories
  • Papatūānuku
  • Wellington Essay
  • Henry Lawson’s Story
  • Alcatraz – the other story
  • The Story of Matiu/Somes
  • Fiji Diary: The Good News!
  • In Memoriam:Jean-Marie Tjibaou (1937-1989)
Thinking it Through
  • Re-Imaging the Cross
  • ‘…as we forgive them…’ or not: when forgiveness is inappropriate
  • Finding Connections
  • Shamans and Mystics
  • The M-Word
  • Expanding the Metaphors: Validating Feminine Images of God
  • Mary and Me
  • Presence
  • Words
  • For Columba
  • Saints Alive!
  • Eclipse
  • Dream Child
  • Culmination
  • And then…
  • White
  • Separating
  • The Cross
  • ‘I Call You Friends’
  • A God-friend
  • God as ‘Friend’
  • Remember the Rainbow?
And Now…
  • Life@65
  • Converging Paths
  • Endnotes
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Author
  • About the book
  • Praise for Exploring the Presence
  • Books by Trish McBride


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