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Creating the Canon - Print

Creating the Canon - Print

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Creating the Canon: Composition, Controversy, and the Authority of the New Testament

Benjamin P. Laird

Soft cover 272pp
ISBN 9781514001103
IVP Academic (2023)

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Laird offers a user-friendly exploration into the origins and relevance of the New Testament.

In this engaging study, Laird addresses common questions about the New Testament's background, making a potentially complicated topic clear and accessible. He delves into misunderstood and overlooked aspects of the canon's formation, providing fresh insights. 

Readers will discover answers to questions like the existence of an "original autograph" and the identity of the "original readers." The book explores whether theological controversies influenced the canon's formation and how such diverse writings came together.

Offering clarity on the New Testament's authority, Creating the Canon is wide-ranging yet approachable, making it an illuminating guide and unravelling the mysteries surrounding the New Testament for curious readers.

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