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Carol Our Christmas - Print

Carol Our Christmas - Print

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Carol Our Christmas: Music Book

Details and hymns list

  • 52 carols for a summer Christmas
  • Words, music and guitar chords
  • 126 pp A5 laminated cover, wiro binding
  • Published 1996
  • 6 Christmas poems by Peter Cape, Joy Cowley,
  • Eileen Duggan and Shirley Murray.
  • Foreword by Joy Cowley

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In sequence: Title, hymnwriter – single name for person who has written both words and music, two names with first name for words and second name for music, and where applicable, a third name for the arranger. A few carols have been set to two tunes.

Abbreviations: ‘Gibson’ for Colin Gibson, ‘Murray’ for Shirley Erena Murray.

  1. A child was born in Bethlehem, Cecily Sheehy
    2. Above the peaks the angels sing, Gibson
    3. All over creation, Murray/Jillian Bray
    4. All who would see God’s greatness, Marnie Barrell/(i) Ian Render (ii) Jillian Bray
    5. And did you see him, little star? Helen Clyde/Gibson
    6. Awake before sunrise, Bill Bennett
    7. Carol our Christmas, Murray/Gibson
    8. Child of Christmas story, Murray/Richard Madden
    9. Child of joy and peace (Hunger Carol), Murray/(i) Ian Render (ii) Douglas Mews
    10. Christ of darkness, Christ of light, Gibson
    11. Christmas in the picture book, Dorothy Neal White/ Gibson
    12. Clippety-clop, clippety-clop, Jackie Wise
    13. Come in, come in New Year, Murray/(i) Gibson (ii) Ian Render
    14. Come now, Lord Jesus, Murray/(i) Douglas Mews (ii) Zulu melody arr. Roy
    15. Come now where we least expect you, Marnie Barrell/Gibson
    16. Come to this Christmas singing! Murray/Gibson
    17. Don’t tell anyone (SHHHH! Not anyone), Gibson
    18. From pastures green, P H C Lucas/Alex Duncan
    19. Get up, get up, no time to yawn, Gibson
    20. Gloria, Jillian Bray, musical setting 1
    21. Gloria, Colin Daley, musical setting 2
    22. Gloria, Colin Gibson, musical setting 3
    23. Gloria in excelsis, Colin Gibson, musical setting
    24. Glory! Glory! Jillian Bray/Jillian Bray
    25. Greetings, little child of Bethlehem! Cecily Sheehy
    26. Heav’n is ringing (Merry Christmas Rag), Gibson
    27. Holy day, holiday, Jocelyn Marshall/Christopher Marshall
    28. I didn’t hear the angels sing, Iris McCoy/Gibson
    29. Light of lights beholden, Jenny McLeod
    30. Look toward Christmas! Murray/(i) Jillian Bray (ii) Gibson
    31. Te Harinui (Not on a snowy night), Willow Macky
    32. O he is born, Felicia Edgecombe
    33. O little love who comes again, Murray/(i) Jillian Bray (ii) Nigel Eastgate
    34. Open, open, open the stable door, Gibson
    35. Peace Child, Murray/Gibson
    36. Praise to God, whose Holy Spirit, Marnie Barrell/Gibson
    37. Set the sun dancing! Murray/Shona Murray
    38. Sing a carol for summer Murray/Jillian Bray
    39. Sing with the angels, Gloria! Murray/Shona Murray
    40. Star-Child, earth-Child, Murray (i) Gibson (ii) Carlton R Young
    41. Summer’s a time to discover, Jackie Wise
    42. The jersey cow came mooing, Joy Cowley/Gibson
    43. The stars danced, the angels sang, Barbara Gillard arr. David Dell
    44. The wind blew keen, Gibson
    45. There’s straw in the manger, Gibson
    46. Two tired people asked for rest, Joye Taylor (v 5 Cecily Sheehy) arr. Jillian Bray
    47. When Joseph and Mary, Gibson
    48. Where is the room? Murray/David Dell
    49. Who are these who ride by starlight, Marnie Barrell/Jillian Bray
    50. Who is the child that is to be born? Murray/Gibson
    51. Wise men came journeying Murray/Gibson
    52. You are born in us again, Mark Wilson arr. Shona Murray, descant Gibson
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