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Carol Our Christmas - Music CD

Carol Our Christmas - Music CD

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Carol Our Christmas – Music CD

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24 carols

Note:  The CD does not contain recordings of all 54 carols in the book, just a selection

Sung by Wellington adult & youth choirs

Participating choirs and singers: Wellington Youth Choir, Kiwikids, Wellington Cathedral Choir, Sings Harry, Wellington Secondary Students’ Choir, Rachel Gillon and Mike Wespel-Rose.

Listing of all tracks including names of, first, the writer of the words, second, the composer of the music.

  1. Carol our Christmas, an upside down Christmas, Shirley Murray/ Colin Gibson
  2. Gloria in excelsis Deo, Colin Daley
  3. Child of Christmas story, Shirley Murray/Richard Madden
  4. Look towards Christmas! Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  5. Clippety clop, clippety clop, Jackie Wise/Jackie Wise
  6. Come now, Lord Jesus, Shirley Murray/Zulu melody
  7. Sing a carol for summer, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  8. All who would see God’s greatness, Marnie Barrell/Ian Render
  9. And did you see Him, little star? Helen Clyde/Colin Gibson
  10. Where is the room? Shirley Murray/David Dell
  11. Open, open, open  the stable door, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  12. All over creation, Shirley Murray/David Dell
  13. Don’t tell anyone, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  14. Gloria, Gloria, glory in the highest, Colin Gibson
  15. Awake before sunrise, Bill Bennett/Bill Bennett
  16. Peace Child, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  17. Te Harinui/Not on a snowy night, Willow Macky/Willow Macky
  18. Greetings, little child of Bethlehem, Cecily Sheehy/Cecily Sheehy
  19. Star-Child, earth-Child, Shirley Murray/Carlton Young
  20. The stars danced, Barbara Gillard/Barbara Gillard
  21. Set the sun dancing, Shirley Murray/Shona Murray
  22. You are born in us again, Mark Wilson/Mark Wilson
  23. Come in, come in New Year, Shirley Murray/Ian Render
  24. Heav’n is ringing (Merry Christmas Rag) Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
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